It is not necessary to wear special clothing for lessons, so come as you are, whether after work or a jog in the park.

In a lesson students can expect to be guided through simple transitions such as moving from sitting to standing and from standing to walking. The teacher will also instruct and gently manipulate the student whilst they are lying on a table. Some work will be aimed at freeing the breathing, which is so vital for energy and concentration.

Although students often describe feeling relaxed after a lesson, the Alexander Technique is not a relaxation method or therapy.  The student is required to actively participate throughout the lesson, thinking along with the teacher and applying what is being taught.

Please allow a full hour for the initial introductory lesson. Subsequent lessons will last 40 minutes. Please call or email Vivienne for more details about lessons.

It is possible for students to make significant changes after only ten lessons but people often enjoy the Alexander Technique so much so that they continue to have lessons for many months or even years.