The Alexander Technique is an educational approach to changing unwanted, and in some cases harmful, postural habits. It helps us to become more aware of the ways in which we move and function in our daily lives and develop improved co-ordination and ease of movement.

Because we stand and move around on two feet, as we grow and age the downward pull of gravity tends to take us away from our optimal centre of balance. Stress and our contemporary lifestyle – much of which may be spent in front of a screen – also take their toll, leading to potentially harmful patterns of use. This can result in muscular tension, laboured movement, increased effort and, frequently, pain.

Under the guiding hands and verbal instructions of the teacher, the student is directed into new positions and patterns of movement that are more conducive to our anatomical structure yet require less muscular effort. Alexander Technique lessons are simple, enjoyable and affordable, and have a very practical purpose. A single lesson can have an immediate impact, allowing the student to have a very different experience of themselves in space and in movement. However, it is through regular lessons and over time that the student is able to gain a refined awareness that brings about fundamental changes in their physical and even mental well-being.